Verb: “to be” – (am/ is/ are)

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In our first lesson, we will talk about the ‘to be’ structure.

“to be” is like the superstar of verbs. It’s the verb that helps us say who or what someone or something is. In English, we use “am,” “is,” and “are” with “to be.”

For example:

I am happy.

She is a doctor.

We are friends.

The verb ‘to be’ consists of the suffixes ‘am,’ ‘is,’ and ‘are’ in a sentence. ‘Am,’ ‘is,’ and ‘are’ in the sentence are modified forms of the verb ‘to be’ when used in a sentence. In Simple Present Tense sentences, we use ‘to be’ as ‘am’ with the possessive pronoun ‘I’ and as ‘is’ with the possessive pronoun ‘It.’

The sentences we create with the verb ‘to be’ indicate who, what, or how the subject of the sentence is.


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