The 30 Most Common English Nouns

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here are 30 common English nouns, and I’ll use each in a simple sentence:

House: This is my house.
Dog: The dog is very friendly.
Cat: I have a black cat.
Friend: She is my best friend.
Book: I love reading books.
Car: The red car is fast.
Family: My family is coming over.
School: I go to school every day.
City: New York is a big city.
Tree: The tree has green leaves.
Time: What time is it?
Job: His job is interesting.
Money: I need some money.
Food: Pizza is my favorite food.
Water: Can I have some water?
Air: We breathe air.
Bed: I sleep in my bed.
Computer: I use a computer for work.
Phone: I lost my phone.
Teacher: The teacher is kind.
Student: She is a good student.
City: London is a beautiful city.
Place: Let’s find a quiet place.
Country: Japan is a lovely country.
Name: What is your name?
Job: She has a new job.
Music: I enjoy listening to music.
Movie: We watched a movie yesterday.
Bus: I take the bus to work.
Room: My room is clean.


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