The 30 Most Common English Adjectives.

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Here are 30 common English adjectives, and I’ll use them in sentences

Happy: Lisa is happy when she sees her friends.
Sad: Tom feels sad when he loses his favorite toy.
Big: The elephant is big.
Small: The mouse is small.
Fast: The car is fast.
Slow: The turtle is slow.
Hot: The tea is hot.
Cold: The ice cream is cold.
Good: This book is good.
Bad: The weather is bad today.
Beautiful: The flowers are beautiful.
Ugly: The old building is ugly.
Old: My grandmother has an old watch.
New: I got a new bike for my birthday.
Tall: The boy is tall.
Short: The dog is short.
Happy: The children are happy.
Dark: It gets dark at night.
Light: The sun is bright and gives light.
Young: The baby is young.
Old: The man is old and wise.
Clean: The room is clean.
Dirty: My shoes are dirty.
Easy: Math is easy for some students.
Difficult: Learning a new language can be difficult.
Rich: The king is rich.
Poor: The beggar is poor.
Healthy: Eating fruits and vegetables keeps you healthy.
Sick: Lisa feels sick today.
Funny: The clown is funny.



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