6. Prepositions

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In our first lesson, we will talk about the ‘to be’ structure.

Prepositions are like tiny guides that show the relationship between things. Imagine you have a cat (because, why not?). Now, where is the cat? Is it on the table, under the chair, or maybe beside the cozy blanket?

Those words—on, under, beside—are prepositions! They tell you where the cat is in relation to other stuff. So, prepositions are like the GPS of grammar, helping you navigate the positions of things. Easy, right?

Think of prepositions as words that show where something is or the relationship between things. Here are a few common prepositions:

On: The cat is on the table.
Under: The ball is under the chair.
Beside: The book is beside the lamp.

Prepositions aren’t just about places; they can also talk about time, like “before,” “after,” or “during.” For example;

I eat before school. : you mean that you eat before you go to school.

So, whether you’re describing location of something or when your bedtime is, prepositions make sure your words fit together like puzzle pieces.


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