Phonetics in English: The Basics of English Phonetics

In our first lesson, we will talk about the Phonetics. Phonetics is the study of the sounds used in human speech. It’s all about understanding the physical properties of speech sounds, how they are produced, and how they are perceived.

Phonetics in English

Benefits of Learning Phonetics:

By using Phonetic Alphabet you can know how to pronounce a certain word in English.

Improving your understanding of phonetics can:

Enhance your pronunciation: Speak more clearly and confidently.
Improve your listening: Better understand different accents and dialects.
Appreciate language diversity: Understand the intricate relationship between sound and meaning.

Here is a list of the International Phonetic Alphabet sounds in everyday speech.

Phonetic Symbols:

æ : back

ɛ : end

ʌ : come

ʊ : full

ɒ : of

ə : mother

i : be

ɜ : her

ɔ : your

u : too

ɑ : ask

ɪə : clear

 : hair

 : day

ɔɪ : voice

 : buy

 : home

 : how

p : play

b : but

t : talk

d : day

k : can

g : good

f : from

v : very

θ : thing

ð : they

z : reason

ʃ : show

ʒ : television

h : help

: man

n : not

ŋ : song

ʈʃ : change

 : job

r : very

j : unit

w : world

l : look

And let’s give some examples after this list:

how : haʊ

problem : prɑbləm

morning : mɔrnɪŋ

Feel free to ask specific questions about Phonetics.


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