9. Conjunctions

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In this lesson, we will talk about the ‘Conjunctions’.

Conjunctions are like the glue that holds words, phrases, or sentences together. They help connect things in English. There are three main types:

Coordinating Conjunctions:

These connect similar things, like words or groups of words of equal importance.
Examples: and, but, or
Example sentence: I like ice cream and cake.

Subordinating Conjunctions:

These connect ideas that are not equal. One idea is more important than the other.
Examples: because, although, if
Example sentence: I’ll go outside if the weather is nice.

Correlative Conjunctions:

These are pairs of words that work together to connect elements.
Examples: either…or, neither…nor, both…and
Example sentence: You can have either tea or coffee.

for this level, just learn Coordinating Conjunctions

So, conjunctions help things flow smoothly in sentences by connecting them in different ways. Easy, right?


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