20. Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal verbs are word combinations that involve a verb and one or more small words, like “up,” “on,” or “off.” These little words completely change the meaning of the main verb.

For example, “wake up” means to stop sleeping, and “turn on” means to start something, like a light or music.

Phrasal verbs are like special phrases that have a verb and one or more words that go together.

Let’s give some more examples?

Turn off

“Turn off’ and ‘turn’ have different meanings. This is because ‘turn off’ is a phrasal verb. It means to stop the operation of something. For instance, if you turn off a light, you make it go dark by flipping the switch.. How did it become a phrasal verb? By adding the ‘off’ suffix.

For example:

I turn off the TV

Look for

And again, “look for”‘ and ‘look’ have different meanings. This is because ‘look for’ is a phrasal verb. The phrasal verb “look for” means to search or seek something.

For example:

I look for my keys.


Phrasal Verbs

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