15. Some/Any

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In this lesson, we will talk about the ‘Some/Any’ structure.

“Some” and “any” are used to talk about an unspecified amount or number of things.


Use “some” when you’re talking about a positive or affirmative situation. i mean when you use a positive structure sentence. It suggests that there is an amount or quantity of something, but you don’t need to be specific.


I have some apples. (I have an unspecified number of apples.)


Use “any” when you’re talking about a negative situation, negative sentence or asking a question. It’s used to refer to an unspecified amount or number.


I don’t have any bananas. (I don’t have a specific number of bananas.)
Do you have any pets? (Are there any pets? It’s an open question.)

So, in simple terms, “some” is for positive statements, and “any” is for negative statements or questions when you’re talking about an unspecified amount. Easy, right?


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