15 Most Common Phrasal Verbs in Sentences With Meanings

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here are 15 common phrasal verbs with examples at a beginner level:

Turn on

Example: Please turn on the lights; it’s dark in here.

Turn off

Example: Don’t forget to turn off the TV when you leave.

Wake up

Example: I wake up early every morning for work.

Get up

Example: It’s time to get up and start your day.

Look for

Example: Can you help me look for my keys? I can’t find them.

Pick up

Example: Could you pick up some groceries on your way home?

Put on

Example: It’s cold outside, so put on your jacket.

Take off

Example: In the summer, it’s nice to take off your shoes at the beach.

Eat out

Example: Let’s eat out tonight instead of cooking.

Look at

Example: Look at that beautiful sunset!

Give up

Example: Don’t give up on your dreams.

Set up:

Example: Let’s set up a meeting for next week.

Break down

Example: Unfortunately, my car broke down on the way to work.

Check out

Example: You should check out this new book; it’s really interesting.

Write down

Example: Don’t forget to write down your homework assignment.


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