12. Simple Present Tense

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In our first lesson, we will talk about the ‘Simple Present Tense’.

The Simple Present Tense is like a snapshot of something happening regularly or a fact that is always true. Imagine you have a friend named Jack. Jack likes ice cream. Now, when you talk about what Jack does every day or what he always likes, you use the Simple Present Tense.

For example:

Jack eats ice cream. (It’s something he does regularly.)
Jack likes chocolate ice cream. (It’s something that is always true about him.)

She reads a book. (She does this regularly.)
The sun rises in the east. (This is always true.)
I play video games. (I do this as a regular activity.)

So, if you’re talking about routines, habits, or things that are generally true, you’re likely using the Simple Present Tense!

Did you notice that some verbs include “s”?

When we add “s” or “es” to verbs in Simple Present Tense, it usually happens when we are talking about he, she, it, or a singular noun.

With “s” or “es”:

He eats pizza.
She plays games.
It reads books.
The cat runs fast.

Without “s” or “es”:

I eat pizza.
You play games.
We read books.
They run fast.

See how we add “s” to “eat” for “he,” “plays” to “play” for “she,” and “es” to “read” for “it”?


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