11. have / have got

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In this lesson, we will talk about the ‘have/have got’.

“Have” and “have got” are pretty similar in meaning, but there’s a tiny difference.

In everyday English, many people use “have” and “have got” interchangeably. They both mean possession or ownership. So, you can say “I have a cat” or “I have got a cat,” and they mean the same thing!

“Have” Example:

I have a cat.
She has a book.

“Have got” Example:

I have got a cat.
She has got a book.

for he/she/it; you can use “has” / “has got” form

for I/you/we/they; you can use “have”/”have got” form.

Just remember, if you’re talking about possession, both “have” and “have got” work, and you can choose the one that feels more natural to you.


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