100 Most Common English Words

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100 Most Common English Words

the – The sun is shining.
be – I want to be a teacher.
to – I want to go to the park.
of – This is a picture of my family.
and – I like ice cream and chocolate.
a – I have a cat.
in – The book is in my bag.
that – I like that shirt.
have – I have a bicycle.
I – I love playing games.
it – It is a beautiful day.
for – This gift is for you.
not – I am not hungry.
on – The keys are on the table.
with – I play soccer with my friends.
he – He is my brother.
as – I work as a teacher.
you – Can you help me?
do – What do you want to eat?
at – We meet at the park.
this – This is my favorite book.
but – I am tired, but I want to continue.
his – His car is blue.
by – We travel by train.
from – I am from Canada.
they – They are my classmates.
we – We are going to the beach.
say – Can you say your name?
her – I see her at the mall.
she – She is my friend.
or – Do you want tea or coffee?
an – I want an apple.
will – I will visit you soon.
my – My house is big.
one – I have one brother.
all – All students passed the exam.
would – Would you like some cake?
there – There is a cat on the roof.
their – I like their new car.
what – What is your favorite color?
so – I am tired, so I will rest.
up – The balloon is going up.
out – Let’s go out for dinner.
if – I will come if you invite me.
about – Tell me about your day.
who – Who is at the door?
get – I need to get some groceries.
which – Which book do you want?
go – Let’s go to the cinema.
me – Me and my sister will go.
when – Tell me when you’ll arrive.
make – Can you make a cake?
can – Can you swim?
like – I like pizza.
time – What time is it?
no – I have no time right now.
just – Just wait a moment.
him – I saw him at the park.
know – I know the answer.
take – Take a seat, please.
people – People are waiting in line.
into – Let’s go into the house.
year – This is my favorite year.
your – Is this your bag?
good – I had a good day.
some – Can I have some water?
could – Could you help me?
them – I gave them the keys.
see – I can see the mountains.
other – Other people are coming.
than – I am taller than my sister.
then – First, we eat, then we play.
now – I am busy right now.
look – Look at the beautiful flowers.
only – I have only one brother.
come – Please come to the party.
its – The cat is washing its face.
over – The bird flew over the tree.
think – I think it’s a good idea.
also – I want cake, also ice cream.
back – I’ll be back in an hour.
after – We’ll eat after the movie.
use – Use this pen for writing.
two – I have two sisters.
how – How are you today?
our – This is our new house.
work – I work in an office.
first – This is my first time here.
well – I am feeling well today.
way – Show me the way to the station.
even – I can even swim underwater.
new – I have a new phone.
want – I want a piece of cake.
because – I am late because of traffic.
any – Do you have any questions?
these – These are my favorite shoes.
give – Give me your phone number.
day – I had a great day yesterday.
most – Most people like pizza.
us – will you visit us?


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